Meet the Team

The Environment Now team is made up of San Franciscans from a wide range of backgrounds, with a variety of work and life experiences, all sharing a passion for protecting the environment. Learn more about our staff below.

Camea has been a part of the Environment Now team since October 2013. Prior to that she worked at the San Francisco Conservation Corps educating the public about zero waste and sorting their refuse into the correct bins at public events. She was then referred to the Department of Environment where she plans to expand her knowledge about zero waste and learn everything she is able to learn about the environment. Camea hopes to use those skills to land a career with a waste management company or pursue an apprenticeship in landscaping so that she can continue to do her part in helping our environment.

Danielle joined the team in April of 2013, after working at Goodwill Industries. Her projects with SF Environment include Commercial Zero Waste, Green Apartments and Checkout Bag Outreach. She's passionate about educating her community and making it a better and safer place. In the future she plans to go back to school to obtain her BA in social work.

Nicole joined Environment Now in April of 2013. Previously a preschool teacher’s assistant, Nicole enjoys working with young people and gardening. In her role at SF Environment, Nicole focuses on helping businesses with their recycling and composting systems through the Commercial Zero Waste program. She loves learning about environmental issues and spreading the word to the people she meets.  

Penelope came to Environment Now in October of 2013, after working for the San Francisco Maritime Historical National Park as a store manager and event planner for over 6 years. She has worked on projects such as the Checkout Bag Ordinance, the Textiles Initiative, Zero Waste Commercial, Zero Waste Residential, and the Healthy Nail Salon Program. Her goal is to continue working with the public and assisting communities throughout the city while going back to school to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Sergey started with Environment Now in October of 2013. He has a master’s degree in engineering from the Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications in Kazakhstan. He has worked for many years as an engineer in both the water treatment and the renewable energy sector. He now works on Zero Waste Commercial, Green Apartments, and Zero Waste Residential. In the future he wants to be a professional environmental specialist for solving energy efficient problems and also developing renewable technology.

Tina joined Environment Now in August of 2012 after graduating from Asian Neighborhood Design. She works on many projects such as Zero Waste and Energy Upgrade CA. After leaving Environment Now Tina hopes to continue her career in the Zero Waste field.

Yesenia is a graduate of Community Housing Partnership’s Recycling and Environmental Awareness Program, which she completed in March 2013. She joined the Environment Now program as an outreach associate in April of 2013 and has been a part of many different projects including Green Apartments, Residential Outreach and Commercial Zero Waste. In the future she hopes to work with children and teach them about caring for our Earth. 

Environment Now Alumni at SF Environment

Raquel is the Used Motor Oil Recycling Program Associate for the SF Environment. Since January 2010 she has implemented person-to-person and community-based outreach efforts within the DIYer community. She exhibits exemplary, cultural-specific understanding of the Spanish-speaking Do-it-Yourselfer and Shade Tree Mechanic communities. Prior to joining Environment Now, she worked for 7 years as a store manager for Kragen Auto Parts, where she developed an inside perspective on collection center operations and overcoming communication barriers with the DIYer community.

Keith, a graduate of Asian Neighborhood Design, a pre-apprenticeship carpentry program with a focus on green building, came to Environment Now in January of 2012. He works on a variety of projects such as Energy Watch, Green Business, and several of the Zero Waste campaigns. In 2014, Keith joined SFE's Toxic Reduction team as the Green Business Aide. He helps businesses become Recognized Green Businesses by providing sustainability consulting and technical assistance.