SF Energy Watch Success Story: Calvary Presbyterian Church

Calvary Presbyterian Church

Calvary Presbyterian Church, formally organized in 1854, was considered to be "one of the largest and most elegant structures for worship of God on the Pacific Coast." It is affiliated with the 2.4 million-member Presbyterian Church across the nation.

Throughout the historic facility located at 2515 Fillmore Street, Calvary replaced approximately 268 incandescent bulbs, including PAR lamps, MR16s and other halogen lamps, with energy saving compact fluorescent lights. Calvary also replaced four exit signs with energy efficient LEDs, which can save up to 80% in energy usage compared to incandescent lamps.

"Without the assistance of SF Energy Watch staff the lighting upgrades would have never come to fruition due to lack of knowledge and understanding of energy efficient lamps."

The financial incentive provided by the SF Energy Watch program covered 100% of the project cost. By taking advantage of the program's incentives and turnkey services Calvary not only lowered operating costs but also reduced its environmental impact. In addition, the Church's participation helped its community foster a greater understanding of energy efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Improvement of the lighting quality and brightness in meeting room
  • Payback of the efficient lighting upgrades was immediate
  • Becoming energy efficient was the first step to 'greening' Calvary, followed by the implementation of a zero-waste program