San Francisco Carbon Fund

The San Francisco Carbon Fund provides an opportunity for conferences and conventions to mitigate their event-related green house gas emissions by investing in projects within the City and County of San Francisco.

This innovative fund is the first of its kind to invest solely in local projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions close to where they were created--rather than large scale offset projects across the globe. Like other mitigation programs, the San Francisco Carbon Fund uses widely accepted protocols to estimate carbon savings. It also delivers other environmental benefits such as creating a greener and more walkable city. The San Francisco Carbon Fund's impact can be seen and felt by the community daily.

There are no strict rules dictating how much a conference should spend on mitigation. Some have calculated the amount based on the emissions generated by attendees’ air travel. Others chose a flat rate based on conference budget. San Francisco’s local government believes so strongly in the Fund it invests approximately 13% of employee airfare related to city business.

The San Francisco Carbon Fund provides funding to a range of projects. Depending on how much you want to mitigate, your investment can be represented by an entire project, or combined with others to proportionally supply a project.

To find out how you can get involved in the SF Carbon Fund please email

Mitigate your impact, leave a legacy.