Virtual Warehouse: Reuse City-Owned Surplus Items

Reusing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach zero waste. Shop the Virtual Warehouse for free items before buying new.

All surplus city-owned property must be submitted to the Virtual Warehouse, the City's online materials reuse system.

Submit broken, obsolete an used items in good condition such as, appliances, electronics, office furniture, and office supplies to the Virtual Warehouse. Used items in good condition  will be posted to the online inventory for other city departments, schools, and non-profits to request and reuse. We will assist you in recycling broken or obselete items. 

Since 2004, the Virtual Warehouse has redistributed and recycled over 900 tons of city-owned furniture, supplies, and equipment worth over $6 million. Reusing through the Virtual Warehouse saves money on purchasing, disposal costs, and supports San Francisco’s zero waste goal!

Visit the Virtual Warehouse!

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Virtual Warehouse
An on-line clearinghouse for San Francisco City employees to find and share gently used items.