Help with Benchmarking

New to Benchmarking? Please start by taking a look at the resources available on our How to Comply page.

Free Workshops

Benchmarking Your Building

Expert trainers provide live step-by-step workshops to walk you through setting up your building(s) in your own password-protected ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager account, and set up PG&E's free service that automatically updates the building's energy use each month.

  • Benchmarking Energy Use in Commercial Buildings: The morning workshop walks you step-by-step through the process of benchmarking your building and setting up automated data upload from PG&E.
  • You’ve Benchmarked your Building: What’s Next?: Building on the results of the morning’s benchmarking exercise, the afternoon course helps you set targets for improvement, find and qualify for the best available incentives, and know which low/no cost or capital upgrades can help you save on energy costs while improving your ENERGY STAR score. 

These workshops are sponsored by PG&E, and held at the Pacific Energy Center: 851 Howard Street,  San Francisco, CA 94103.  Call 415-814-3744 for details. Continuing education credit available from AIA, HSW/SD, and GBCI.

PG&E offers many other Energy Efficiency Classes; click for an up-to-date schedule.


US EPA’s ENERGY STAR program provides both live webinars and recorded trainings on how to benchmark with Portfolio Manager. (Note: These videos and webinars are provided for a national audience. They do not cover local ordinances or PG&E’s Automated Benchmark Service.)

More coming soon.

Professional Help

If you would prefer to hire a consultant to complete your Benchmarking, you may do so. SF Environment can’t recommend a benchmarking consultant or an energy auditor, but can confirm that the following consultants have submitted either an Annual Energy Benchmark Summary or a Confirmation of Energy Audit on behalf of clients in San Francisco:

SF Environment is not making any recommendation, nor can we imply anything about the quality of their work. To the best of our knowledge, this is a full list of consultants who have submitted a benchmark to date, and some of them may also offer energy efficiency audit services.