Help with Benchmarking

Free In Person Training

Expert trainers provide live step-by-step workshops to walk you through setting up your building(s) in your own password-protected ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager account, and set up PG&E's free service that automatically updates the building's energy use each month.

  • Benchmarking Energy Use in Commercial Buildings: The morning workshop walks you step-by-step through the process of benchmarking your building and setting up automated data upload from PG&E.
  • You’ve Benchmarked your Building: What’s Next?: Building on the results of the morning’s benchmarking exercise, the afternoon course helps you set targets for improvement, find and qualify for the best available incentives, and know which low/no cost or capital upgrades can help you save on energy costs while improving your ENERGY STAR score. 

Both classes are available August 3rd. Register today!

These workshops are sponsored by PG&E, and held at the Pacific Energy Center: 851 Howard Street,  San Francisco, CA 94103.  Call 415-814-3744 for details. Continuing education credit available from AIA, HSW/SD, and GBCI.

PG&E offers many other Energy Efficiency Classes; click for an up-to-date schedule.


PG&E sponsors free online training that's available on-demand to help you with benchmarking (including AB 1103, SF ECB compliance, PG&E's data release process, and many other key topics available a la carte, at no cost.) Learn more at

US EPA’s ENERGY STAR program provides both live webinars and recorded trainings on how to benchmark with Portfolio Manager. (Note: These videos and webinars are provided for a national audience. They do not cover local ordinances or PG&E’s Automated Benchmark Service.)

Professional Help

If you would prefer to hire a consultant to complete your Benchmarking, you may do so. SF Environment can’t recommend a benchmarking consultant or an energy auditor, but can confirm that the following consultants have submitted either an Annual Energy Benchmark Summary or a Confirmation of Energy Audit on behalf of clients in San Francisco:

SF Environment is not making any recommendation, nor can we imply anything about the quality of their work. To the best of our knowledge, this is a full list of consultants who have submitted a benchmark to date, and some of them may also offer energy efficiency audit services.