Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

The average woman uses 12 different personal care products a day, which contains an average of 168 different ingredients. Some of the products consumers use every day - like face cream, shampoo, deodorant, and makeup - can contain chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, liver toxicity, and other serious health consequences. And long-term exposure from continued use puts the consumer at risk. with nearly 12,500 ingredients found in cosmetic product,s often we don't know which ingredients can harm us and which are benign because labeling standards don't require manufacturers to list all ingredients, and some of the most harmful ingredients don't appear on the label. And even when they are listed, it's hard to know which ingredients should be avoided.

The good news is that there are less toxic options. Many companies are voluntarily making safer products, and more than 500 companies have signed a pledge - The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics - to make safer products. We do have the ability to choose safer products and protect ourselves.

The Story of Cosmetics is a short fim that examines the chemicals found in personal care products.

Learn more about the safety of your cosmetics and toiletries and search for alternatives that are made with safer, nontoxic ingredients through the links below. 

Additional Information for Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

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