Safer Products in the Workplace

Creating a healthier environment in the work place not only involves safer practices, but choosing safer products as well. Businesses, small and large, use a variety of products during their daily operations. These products can range from toner cartridges for printing to air fresheners and electronics. There are many green products available to businesses that can protect the health of the employees while saving money. Several hazardous products have less toxic alternatives. We list the least-toxic alternatives along with tips in some product categories commonly found in the workplace such as:

  • Aerosol Cans- which can trigger asthma and breathing problems
  • Air Fresheners- can cause lung infections and respiratory problems
  • Batteries- leaks can cause burns to eyes and skin and can pollute surface water and soil
  • Electronics- contain toxic heavy metals that can bio-accumulate in humans and wildlife
  • Fluorescent Lighting and Neon Signs- contain mercury so should be disposed of properly
  • Inks- contain heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can contaminate the atmosphere, soil and water
  • Janitorial Chemicals- which can cause cancer, asthma reproductive effects and other long-term problems
  • Antibacterial Soaps- can cause endocrine disruption, allergies and antibacterial resistance
  • Janitorial Paper Products- can contain chlorine-containing bleach agent which can harm humans and wildlife
  • Marking Pens- which can cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation
  • Paints- highly flammable and emit VOCs which create ozone
  • Pesticides- can cause cancer, reproductive problems, disrupt hormone and immune system


Please click here for our fact sheet on the hazards of some product categories commonly found in the workplace, along with tips for choosing the least-toxic alternatives.