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To identify specific opportunities for savings, weigh costs against benefits, and prioritize investments, an energy audit is necessary.

Energy audits identify specific opportunities for savings, detail costs vs. benefits, and help prioritize investments.Read>
A Confirmation of Energy Audit must be filed by the Energy Professional who conducts the audit. The confirmation includes a description of the building and cost-effective energy efficiency measures identified in the audit.Read>
The Energy Efficiency Auditor must possess experience in energy efficiency audits or commissioning of existing buildings, and either a license or recognized certification in energy efficiency evaluations.Read>
An energy efficiency audit is a great way to find energy savings within your building, as well as learn what you can do to lower your building's greenhouse gas emissionsRead>
SF Environment's GreenFinanceSF program offers low cost capital to make smart clean energy upgrades.Read>
An Energy Professional may register a building as under contract for an audit or retrocommissioning study that will fulfill the requirements of the ordinance. By registering the audit as "Pending" the building owner is safe from penalty provided the audit is completed as soon as reasonably possible. (A high quality analysis should be the highest priority for all parties.) Read>