Resolution 010-12-COE Urban Orchards and SF Carbon Fund Grant Approval FY 2012-13

Environmental policy and legislation in San Francisco

 [Urban Orchards and SF Carbon Fund Grant Approval, Fiscal Year 2012-13]  

Resolution approving Department of the Environment Funding Recommendations for Urban Orchards grant award to one organization.

WHEREAS, The Department of the Environment seeks to support increasing the size and health of San Francisco's urban forest for climate action planning; and,

WHEREAS, The Local Carbon Fund supports carbon mitigation projects within the City and County of San Francisco; and,

WHEREAS, The Department of Environment has been encouraged to support local urban greening efforts and community based greening projects by the 2011 Gray to Green Community Panel; and,

WHEREAS, The Local Carbon Fund has allocated funding to plant and maintain trees through the Urban Orchards program; now, therefore, be it,

RESOLVED, The Commission approves the award of an Urban Orchards grant totaling $30,000 to be disbursed during FY 2012-2013 to Friends of the Urban Forest for fruit tree planting and maintenance.

I hereby certify that this Resolution was adopted at the Commission on the Environment’s Meeting on September 20, 2012.


Monica Fish, Commission Secretary

VOTE:     Approved (5-0)

Ayes:       Commissioners Tuchow, Gravanis, Arce, Stephenson and Wald

Noes:       None

Absent:    Commissioners King and Mok


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