SF Energy Watch Simple Step-By-Step Program Scheme

How the Program Works

SF Energy Watch offers energy assessments, financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades, expert technical assistance and turnkey installation services so you can reduce your energy costs and environmental impact.  The 8 easy steps on how SF Energy Watch works are demystified here:

  1. In order to determine eligibility for the program, an interested business or building owner contacts SF Energy Watch prior to making any energy efficiency upgrades.
  2. SF Energy Watch program staff obtains a signed Site Access Agreement from the owner and then performs a free, non-obligatory energy survey to identify potential opportunities.
  3. A report is generated indicating energy efficiency opportunities at the site, qualifying program incentive, and savings estimates.
  4. The owner either contacts participating program contractors to obtain bids or, if self-installing, applies directly to the program for incentives before beginning installation.
  5. The contractor installs the equipment under the terms of the agreement with the business and under required terms and conditions of the SF Energy Watch program. Program incentives are included in all program contractor bids.
  6. Once the project has been reviewed, which can include an inspection of the work performed, and the Installation Verification Form has been submitted by the contractor to SF Energy Watch staff, the program pays the incentive to the contractor (or the owner, if self-installed).
  7. The business owner pays the contractor for any work not covered by the program, according to the terms of their agreement.
  8. A program administrator may contact a customer for a pre- and post-installation inspection and customer satisfaction inquiry. 

To schedule a free energy assessment, contact the SF Energy Watch hotline at 415.355.3769 or email energywatch@sfenvironment.org.