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Businesses boost our local economy and provide jobs. They also use resources and generate waste. The commercial sector can be a powerful driver of change. Greener environmental business practices ensure the sustainability of our natural resources while also being profitable to a business, ensuring its sustainability as well.



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Did you know that dry cleaning is not really “dry” but involves chemical solvents to remove dirt and stains? Most dry cleaners use toxic cleaning chemicals. An environmentally friendly, non-smog forming garment cleaning process, called professional wet cleaning is available.  Find a wet cleaner near you.


Many people do not realize that dental offices generate hazardous waste such as amalgam (silver) fillings that can contain up to 50 percent mercury. In partnership with the San Francisco Dental Society, San Francisco launched a program to promote safer dentistry practices. Learn more about safer dental chemicals and dental waste disposal options.

The San Francisco Green Business Program recognizes exceptional SF based businesses meeting high environmental standards. The program works with a variety of business sectors, providing free technical assistance, free expert audits, rebates, and promotion of recognized Green Businesses. Learn more now!Read>
Hospitals in the United States generate an average of 6,600 tons of waste a day, 20 percent of which is considered hazardous to human health and the environment. There are many opportunities for hospitals to conserve resources and prevent pollution in order to create healthier spaces that enhance healing for patients and create healthier work environments for professionals.Read>