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Many people do not realize that dental offices generate hazardous waste such as amalgam (silver) fillings that can contain up to 50 percent mercury. In partnership with the San Francisco Dental Society, San Francisco launched a program to promote safer dentistry practices. Learn more about safer dental chemicals and dental waste disposal options.

Did you know that dental offices generate hazardous substances such as amalgam (silver) fillings that can contain up to 50% mercury? SF Environment, SF Public Utilities Commission, and SF Dental society have launched the Dental Mercury Reduction Program to regulate mercury pollution and promote best practices for dentists. Learn more now!Read>
Some dental office waste can be harmful the environment and human health. Hazardous and medical waste such as amalgam, x-ray developer, lead foils, chemical sterilants, cleaning solvents/disinfectants, and medical waste can all be toxic. Learn about the specific requirements related to dental office waste storage, labeling, and disposal.Read>
Everyday dentists and dental office staff come into contact with chemicals from x-ray developers, ultrasonic bath cleaners, glutaraaldehyde, disinfectants, and more. Reducing the contact and exposure to these chemicals can help make a dental office safer and greener. Learn more about what you can do.Read>
The SF Department of Environment developed various green fact sheets for dental offices covering topics such as radio-graphic chemicals, instrument cleaners and sterilizers, disinfectants, and vacuum line cleaners. Also, the department launched the Green Business Program to the local dental community.Read>