Dry Cleaning

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Did you know that dry cleaning is not really “dry” but involves chemical solvents to remove dirt and stains? Most dry cleaners use toxic cleaning chemicals. An environmentally friendly, non-smog forming garment cleaning process, called professional wet cleaning is available. Find a wet cleaner near you.



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Are you looking to find a green wet cleaner? Check out where the nearest wet cleaner is to you!Read>
There are many ways to dry clean clothes. Common methods can use dated machines and harmful chemical solvents while others use greener alternatives with special technologies, water, and soap. Learn more about the different types of dry cleaning methods used on your garments.Read>
SF Environment conducted an alternative assessments for dry cleaning methods, held 10 wet cleaning demonstrations, launched the Green Business Program to the local garment cleaner community, and promoted greener professional wet cleaning through multi-lingual outreach and a grant program offering $35,000 for 7 dry cleaner conversions to wet cleaning. Read>