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Sending nothing to landfill is a foreseeable future

Imagine a world in which nothing goes to landfills or to incinerators. We think it is achievable, and SF Environment is doing everything we can to make it happen.

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This fact sheet shows the proper disposal methods for different kinds of lights.
This brochure has information about safe disposal options for commercial hazardous waste.
If your San Francisco business generates small quantities of hazardous waste you may qualify for a...
Zero Waste Training Presentation for new and existing tenants.

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List of Recycled Paper Bag Suppliers.
Ordenanza para Establecimientos Alimenticios sobre Bolsas / Checkout Bag Factsheet & (FAQs) for...
三藩市飲食業結帳載物袋條例 / Checkout Bag Factsheet & (FAQs) for Food Establishments (中文)
Attention All Food Establishments Owners and Managers / 所有食物店店主和經理敬請注意 / Atención a todos los...
Sắc Lệnh về Túi Tính Tiền của San Francisco đối với Các Cơ Sở Thực Phẩm / Checkout Bag Factsheet...
Постановление Сан-Франциско «Об упаковочных пакетах» для предприятий общественного питания /...
식료품용 계산대 봉투에 대한 샌프란시스코 조례 / Checkout Bag Factsheet & FAQ for Food Establishments (Korean)
Checkout Bag Factsheet & FAQ for Food Establishments
Sample store placard for posting requirements set by San Francisco’s Checkout Bag Ordinance (33.12).
Wonder what to do with your boats used motor oil?