Solutions in Zero Waste

Sending nothing to landfill is a foreseeable future

Imagine a world in which nothing goes to landfills or to incinerators. We think it is achievable, and SF Environment is doing everything we can to make it happen.

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Check here to see if a laptop, desktop or monitor is registered in EPEAT, the global registry for greener electronics. EPEAT, short for Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool, is an ecolabel that covers environmental issues including...
Garden for the Environment is a local non-profit organization offering free classes on home composting systems!
Customize recycling and composting signs for your home or business!
How close to zero waste is your business?
Learn about San Francisco's Precautionary Purchasing Ordinance...
Recycled motor oil can be re-refined into motor oil that is of equal or superior quality to virgin motor oil. Make sure to recycle your oil--bring it to...
Broken fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs DO contain mercury, a toxic metal. Read more for the steps to a safe clean-up and disposal.
Pesticides and other toxic products don’t go in ANY of your Recology carts. Instead, schedule a FREE home pickup, by calling (415) 330 1405.