Port of San Francisco Clean-Air Program Getting Excellent Results

(June 20, 2006)

EPA Grant Helps Cruise Liners Reduce 20 Tons of Emissions in First 9 Months

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Port of San Francisco reported that its new program encouraging cruise liners to use low-sulfur fuel in port has been highly successful in reducing air emissions. Since the program started last September, 33 ships have participated and reduced sulfur emissions by 19.3 metric tons and particulate matter emissions by 677 pounds.

Funded by a $100,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, participating vessels receive a credit against dockage, equal to 50% of the cost differential between low-sulfur fuel and intermediate (higher-sulfur) fuel, on average about $2500 per call. The cruise lines absorb the other half of the extra costs. Low-sulfur fuel, such as marine diesel oil or marine gas oil, contains 0.5% or less sulfur.

The Port of San Francisco is proud of our role in bringing the EPA and the cruise lines together for this collaborative effort to improve air quality in the Bay Area, said Port Maritime Director Peter Dailey. We are committed to supporting the cruise business while being mindful of environmental concerns.

To date about $80,000 of the grant funds have been expended, leaving a balance of $20,000, enough to fund about eight more ships. The Port has reapplied to EPA to continue this program into the next grant term. The California Air Resources Board plans to require all ships to use low-sulfur fuel in port next year, or shore-side power if available.

The Port of San Francisco is an enterprise agency of the City and County of San Francisco that oversees a broad range of maritime, commercial, and public-access facilities along the City's waterfront that are held in public trust for the people of California.

Here is the application form for the low-sulfur fuel subsidy program, funded by an EPA grant.

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