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Checkout Bag Charge and Recyclable or Compostable Pre-Checkout Bag Ordinance

Stores must charge bags provided at checkout at the rate of $0.25 per checkout bag, which went into effect on July 1st, 2020.


Starting July 1, 2020, stores must charge at least 25 cents per checkout bag (previously 10 cents). Checkout bags include those provided for takeout and delivery. Stores must offer an acceptable checkout bag to customers. All single-use, conventional plastic checkout and pre-check out bags are prohibited.

Tenant Bicycle Parking in Existing Commercial Buildings

Ordinance to require the owners of existing commercial buildings to either provide secure bicycle parking in their buildings or allow their tenants to bring their bicycles into the building.

Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance 2007

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sfe_ze_plastic_bag_reduction_ord_81-07.pdf 287.88 KB

Feeding Wild Birds

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feedingwildbirds_ord_185-00.pdf 322.23 KB

Green Business Program

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sfe_th_green_business_recognition_ord_21-06.pdf 417.96 KB

Clean Ferry System

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sfe_tr_clean_ferry_envres_013-00-coe.pdf 55.98 KB

Accept and expend grant - ARRA US DOE Solar America Initiative

Ordinance Establishing Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee

Resource Efficiency Requirements & Green Building Standards

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sfe_gb_resourceefficiency_ord_88-04.pdf 1.1 MB

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

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sfe_th_woodburningfireplaces_ord_13-02.pdf 538.1 KB

Arsenic-treated Wood

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sfe_gb_arsenictreatedwood_ord.pdf 302.83 KB

San Francisco Planning Code, Urban Agriculture Ordinance No. 66-11, File No. 101537

The complete urban agriculture ordinance signed into legislation April 20, 2011 outlining additions or amendments to sections of Articles 1, 2, 7, and 8 of the San Francisco Planning Code.

Quail: Official City Bird

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california_quail_ord_246-00.pdf 76.07 KB

Regulation SFE10-01-PBRO Regulations Implementing Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance

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sfe_zw_implementing_plastic_bag_reduction_ord_81-07.pdf 113.85 KB

Yellow pages opt-in pilot

Extended Bag Reduction Ban 2012

The ordinance expands the current bag ban to all retail businesses and for such businesses to charge a minimum of $0.10 per checkout bag beginning October 1, 2012.
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sfe_zw_extended_bag_ban.pdf 638.8 KB

2008 Green Building Ordinance

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sfe_gb_sf_green_building_2008_ord_180-08.pdf 59.94 KB

Mercury Thermometer Ban

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sfe_th_mercurythermometerban_ord_93-00.pdf 251.78 KB

"Restore the Hetch Hetchy" Settlement

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restore_hetch_hetchy_settlement_ord_256-03.pdf 98.18 KB

Urban Forestry Council Ordinance

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ufc_urban_forestry_council_ord.pdf 103.62 KB

Ordinance establishing a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program

Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Ordinance

Enacted July 2006, this ordinance requires that entities register with The Department prior to debris transport and processing and entities conducting full demolition to submit a waste diversion plan.
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sfe_zw_cd_debris_recovery_ord.pdf 95.44 KB

SF Cell Phone Ordinance 155-10

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sfe_th_cell_phone_ord_155-10.pdf 688.03 KB