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The San Francisco Environment Department advances climate protection and enhances quality of life for all San Franciscans.

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Waste reduction and disposal

Outreach SFE staff explains to a community member about recycles that belong int he blue bin

Recycling and composting in San Francisco - FAQs

Safe medicine disposal kiosk inside of a pharmacy

How to safely get rid of unwanted medicine

The image shows a neon sign with the word "NEON" lit up in white light. The sign is mounted on a dark wall and is the only source of light in the image, casting a soft glow around the letters. The neon tubes are arranged to spell out "NEON" in all capital letters, with the cabling and mounting structure faintly visible behind the glowing tubes

How to safely get rid of light bulbs

An apartment building at dusk in a residential San Francisco neighborhood

Recycling and composting toolkit for property managers

Get Rid of Bulky Items (Couches, Electronics)

Donated textiles arranged by color like a rainbow

Where can I donate clothes, furniture, & electronics?

"Don't dump oil" mural unveiling event

How to properly dispose of used motor oil

A residential sidewalk in San Francisco. There are stair stoops to the right and green, blue, and black bins lined up to the left, along the curb

Zero Waste Toolkit for Households and Tenants

Two people are wearing masks and handling sandbags, grabbing from a pile of other sandbags

How to safely get rid of sandbags

Rollerblading event at Golden gate park

Zero Waste resources for event producers

Plastic bottles

Which plastics are recyclable in San Francisco?

Sort your waste

How to recycle and compost in San Francisco.

Create your signs

Make your own recycle, compost, and landfill sign.

The latest

The Women's Building mural in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood. Mural images courtesy of the artists ©1994-2009 Artists. All Rights Reserved. Thanks to artists Juana Alicia, Miranda Bergman, Edythe Boone, Susan Kelk Cervantes, Meera Desai, Yvonne Littleton and Irene Perez.

Celebrating women environmentalists during Women's History Month

A sitting area of a pharmacy on Fulton street in San Francisco. There is a large blue kiosk for people to safely dispose of unused medicine.

San Francisco's Safe Medicine Disposal Program: Over 140,000 Pounds of Unused Prescriptions Safely Diverted

Five Black environmental champions are pictured here in a collage

Celebrating Black environmentalists during Black History Month

San Francisco's famous "Painted Ladies" Victorian homes are shown in the background with people relaxing and socializing at the park in the foreground

Request for Qualifications 9151: Community engagement

San Francisco City Hall with people relaxing in the lawn in front of the building

Request for Information: Virtual Power Plant Program

San Francisco City Hall

Notice of Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws of the San Francisco Commission on the Environment

A person sits on the steps of billy goat hill in San Francisco overlooking the city's residential and commercial neighborhoods

Mayor Breed Announces SF Climate Week 2024

A woman with shoulder-length curly black hair and glasses reads a newspaper in the backseat of a taxi car

Free emergency taxi rides home in SF!

Person riding a bike wearing a large food delivery backpack that's green

San Francisco expands e-bike food delivery initiative with new federal funding

Nail salon owner examines the wall of nail polishes. A lot of them seem to be the color red.

Healthy Nail Salon's first certified Green Business

Blue, green, and black waste bins on the street with the city of San Francisco in the background

Climate-friendly routines for SF residents

San Francisco Environment Department’s Healthy Homes Presentations

Start composting

Request a free compost pail for your kitchen.

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Living more efficiently

fruits and vegetables displayed on a table

Bay Area Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Guide

Farmers markets in San Francisco

A home interior

Tips for Healthy Homes

A woman attaches her bike to the front of a Muni bike in San Francisco

Sustainable Commuting

A view of San Francisco from Bernal Heights neighborhood there are trees to the right and residential properties to the left.

Nature and Biodiversity in SF

Ceramic pot on a stovetop

Should I be concerned about using non-stick cookware?

Power lines in a San Francisco neighborhood. Trees are to the right and a grey apartment building to the left.

Electrify your home

SFE bumper sticker on an electric vehicle receiving a charge

Benefits of buying an electric car

Energy for commercial and multifamily properties

Myths about Recycling in San Francisco

Solar panels seen from an aerial vantage point on residences in San Francisco

Energy for San Francisco residents

SF Plant Finder

Use the SF Plant Finder app to learn more about the different ecosystems near you.

Native plant gardens in SF

Check out this map with hundreds of garden sites throughout San Francisco.

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Grants and Contracts

Take part in meetings and events

Commissioner photo October 2023

Commission on the Environment

Oak trees in a sunlit park along a trail

Find the Wild

A large, mature tree on a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood in San Francisco. The rising Sun is peaking through in the background

Urban Forestry Council

Municipal Green Building Task Force

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SF Healthy Nail Salon

Next time you get your nails done, choose a Healthy Nail Salon.

SF Green Businesses

Support your local San Francisco certified Green Businesses.

What we do

San Francisco Climate Action Plan

San Francisco Environment Department's Racial Equity Action Plan

young children gardening at their school

Environmental Justice

SF Green Business Program

A group photo of SF Environment Department staff

About the San Francisco Environment Department

Electric Vehicle Roadmap: San Francisco's electric mobility strategy

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