Minimum Qualifications for Energy Auditors

The Energy Efficiency Auditor responsible for the Energy Efficiency Audit Report and Confirmation of Energy Audit must possess experience in energy efficiency audits or commissioning of existing buildings, and either a license or recognized certification in energy efficiency evaluations. The industry has not adopted a single standard certification or qualification for energy audit services. To be as flexible as possible, a wide range of energy auditor credentials are recognized as acceptable for compliance with the ordinance. Summary of qualifications recognized by the Department of Environment for providing energy audit services:


Certification or License


Minimum Experience


Licensed Engineer (PE) OR

PhD in Mechanical Engineering*


At least 2 years experience performing energy efficiency audits or commissioning of existing buildings; OR

Any certification listed in #2 below.



At least 2 years experience performing energy efficiency audits or commissioning of existing buildings


  • BOC International Building Operator Certification Level II; OR
  • (B) International Union of Operating Engineers Certified Energy Specialist


At least 10 years experience as a building operating engineer;


At least 5 years experience as a chief operating engineer


Equivalent professional qualifications to manage, maintain, or evaluate building systems, as well as specialized training in energy efficiency audits and maintenance of building systems, as determined by the Director of the Department of Environment

  *Qualifications approved by Department of Environment as equivalent

SF Environment can’t recommend a benchmarking consultant or an energy auditor, but can confirm that the following consultants have submitted either an Annual Energy Benchmark Summary or a Confirmation of Energy Audit on behalf of clients in San Francisco. This is not a recommendation, nor intended to imply anything about the quality of their work. 

Two designations recognized by the ordinance that directly correspond to the energy audit services required by the ordinance are: a licensed professional engineer (PE) or a certified ASHRAE Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP). You may find a list of professionals with these qualifications via:    

PG&E provides a limited number of audits for their customers to support energy efficiency improvements (rather than for the purpose of compliance.) To learn more, contact your PG&E representative or PG&E’s Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743.