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Chemicals in cleaning products and their impact on our health



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Cleaning products are designed to improve our quality of life. Unfortunately, many chemicals in cleaning products can be harmful to our health, our pets and the environment.The good news is that a number of less-toxic alternatives, as well as homemade recipes are readily available.  By choosing safer products, reading labels and safely disposing of products, we can protect our health. Learn more about household and cleaning products.

Are we really cleaning our homes if we're applying products that contain harmful chemicals? In most cases, cleaning products containing harsh chemicals aren't necessary to keep homes clean. Safer alternatives are readily available, and are less toxic to people, pets, and the environment. Read>
What's in a cleaning product label? A product label provides consumers with important information such ingredients, directions on proper use, warnings and precautions as well as proper storage and disposal. Since cleaning products contain ingredients that are hazardous and potentially fatal, it is important to read and understand product labels.Read>
There are more then 100 varieties of artificial scents and roughly 75% of US households use either plug-in, gel-fragrance, spray or stand-alone air fresheners. Unfortunately, air fresheners contain extremely high levels of ingredients which have been found to be harmful to our health.Read>
The FDA states that antibacterial soaps are no more effective than just washing your hands with traditional soap and water; furthermore traditional soap does not carry the numerous health and environmental problems that antibacterial are connected with. Read>