SF Environment provides free year-round environmental education programs and curriculum to all PK-12 public and independent schools in San Francisco. Programs can be offered in English, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese).

Founded in 2007, our School Education team’s mission is to provide equitable environmental education and access to nature for all youth throughout San Francisco. The program connects youth to themselves, the world around them, and empowers them to take climate action to create the future they want to see.

Students planting flowers in a school garden


We offer live in class programs and field trips to best suit your students. SF Environment also provides ongoing support to teachers seeking to create project-based, solutionary environmental curriculum. Print or make Zero Waste Signs with your students. Contact us for presentation set-up or curriculum development support.

Presentations offered

Introduction to Zero Waste (K-5)

Students become waste auditors in this program by investigating to solve the mystery to solve the mystery of landfill waste in San Francisco with the 4R's and the power of composting with the FBI (fungi, bacteria and invertebrates). Students explore the waste in their own homes and create solutions towards zero waste.

Visit the Environmental Education microsite for a self-paced guide to teach about Zero Waste at home or school. 

Our Common Future: Creating a Zero Waste Future for All (6-12) 

People, Place, and Fair Share: This program teaches students how these three concepts are interwoven. Students will engage with what it means to be an environmentalist, how to disrupt environmental injustice, and create a better future for all by striving for Zero Waste and Zero Toxics. 

Visit the Environmental Education microsite for a self-paced guide to teach about Zero Waste and environmental justice for all.

Save Our Water (K-12)

Plunge into a transformative experience with SF Environment’s program, Save Our Water, developed in collaboration with SFPUC. Explore with us through the diverse landscape that supplies San Francisco’s amazing water. Discover the art of water conservation, a crucial legacy we forge for present and future generations. Join us on an adventure to safeguard this precious resource, ensuring a sustainable and bountiful future for all.

Visit the Environmental Education microsite for a self-paced guide that teaches about water conservation and creating healthy water systems.

Protect Our Bay (3-5)

Dive into a world of discovery with SF Environment’s program, Protect Our Bay, developed in collaboration with SFPUC. Embark on a journey alongside students as they explore the intricate web of water pollution, unraveling its origins from diverse sources. Uncover the power of prevention through simple and ingenious solutions that pave the way for healthy waterways. Join us in safeguarding our aquatic treasures, ensuring a future where the beauty of our waters remains a source of joy and wonder for generations to come.

Field trips

Bring your classroom to nature with one of our field trips! We partner with Recology's Environmental Learning Center and Garden for the Environment to offer tours and additional curriculum. To learn about our field trips, register by completing this form or contact via email at ENV-Education@sfgov.org.

Recology's Student Transfer Station Virtual Tour

Visit the Transfer Station, where all of our waste goes for one day before it gets recycled or composted.

Garden for the Environment Virtual Field Trip

Dig in to San Franicsco's beautiful Garden for the Environment with this virtual field trip.

Get started with our Take Climate Action Facts!

Connect to Nature throughout our City each day while you are learning remotely. During the global health emergency, when you do venture outside, please remember to follow the public health orders and guidelines issued by state and local officials.

Education Programs offered by our Community Partners


Zero Waste Support at School: Recology explains why being “Better at the Bin” is Better for Our Future! Join one of Recology’s live virtual presentations to learn the benefits of recycling and composting, see firsthand what happens to materials you put into each of your three bins, and understand how you can personally fight climate change every day.

Print and share San Francisco recycling, composting, and landfill signs for your school or home. 

Compost poster


Recycle poster


Landfill poster


Make custom signs with our Signmaker tool.

Register for presentations and field trips year-round

For any additional support email The Environmental Ed Team

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