The 2023 Annual Energy Benchmark is due May 1, 2024. 

A related ordinance requires the largest commercial buildings to obtain 100% renewable electricity. 

Ordinance Overview


How to Comply with San Francisco's Benchmarking Requirement
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Energy Audits

How to Comply with San Francisco's Energy Audit Requirement
Minimum Qualifications for Energy Auditors
What's the purpose of an energy audit?
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100% Renewable Electricity OrdinanceThe largest commercial buildings are required to obtain all electricity from renewable sources by subscribing to a qualifying service. 

Strategic Decarbonization Assessment is a financial plan for managing carbon emissions and energy efficiency. An SDA fulfills the energy audit requirement of the Existing Buildings Ordinance.

California AB802 is a state law that requires commercial and multifamily buildings 50,000 gross square feet or larger to benchmark energy use. Submitting one annual benchmark report to San Francisco satisfies both local and state regulations. 



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