Get up to $2,500 to help your business cover costs for dishwashers, installation, and supplies. 

The San Francisco Environment Department is offering grants of up to $2,500 toward leasing or buying automatic dishwashers, to help food service businesses build reusable foodware infrastructure for on-site dining. 

We will give priority to food service businesses that: 

  • currently do not have an automatic dishwasher 
  • currently serve customers on reusable foodware or are ready to switch from disposables to reusables for on-site dining 

Funds are available until spent.

Eligible funding 

  • Consultation from dishwashing specialists: This includes assistance on choosing an industrial dishwasher, planning the installation process, and optimizing its operation for maximum efficiency. 
  • Dishwasher installation: funds may be used for the installation of dishwashers. This includes minor plumbing connections and electrical work specific to the dishwasher installation. However, these funds will not cover broader plumbing infrastructure, floor drains, or water heaters. 
  • Dishwasher equipment and supplies: funds may be used to purchase equipment and supplies for dishwashing. This includes soap, dishwasher racks, drying mats, utensil baskets, and other supplies needed for efficient and sanitary dishwashing operations. 
  • Racks and shelving: funds can be used to increase storage space and help keep dishes organized.  

Ineligible funding 

  • Larger construction projects: broader plumbing infrastructure, floor drains, or water heaters. 

Start your application

Please fill out the intake form to set up a meeting to see if your business is eligible for grant funding. The form will take about 10 minutes to complete. We are excited to connect and help your business build reuse infrastructure.

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