Electric Vehicle charging station

Cleaner fuels and vehicles help reduce our dependency on and depletion of non-renewable resources like petroleum as well as improve air quality and stimulate the economy.

San Francisco’s Electric Mobility Strategy

The City recognizes that the best way to reduce emissions and congestion is to prioritize sustainable modes of transportation. While implementing this strategy, two technical breakthroughs offer an opportunity to more rapidly reduce and eventually eliminate emissions. First, electric vehicle (EV) technology is approaching a tipping point as new models are better performing and more affordable. Second, generation of electricity for EVs is getting cleaner through the transition to renewable energy sources on the grid. San Francisco aims to complete the transition to 100% renewable electrical power by 2030, in line with the objectives of the City’s Climate Action Plan. When EVs, including Fuel Cell EVs (FCEV) powered by hydrogen, and renewable power are combined, these technologies provide a pathway to eliminate local air pollution as well as GHG emissions from transportation altogether.

The City and County of San Francisco's Commercial Garage Electric Vehicle Charging Ordinance (Ordinance No. 244-19) requires publicly accessible commercial parking garages and lots with more than 100 parking spaces to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at 10% of parking spaces by January 1, 2023. The ordinance affects San Francisco-based parking garages and lots on privately owned land where the public may park or store a motor vehicle for a fee.

Start the process now with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Review the Fact Sheet (PDF) or Workshop Presentation (PDF) for information on the ordinance requirements
  2. Find an EV Service Provider (PDF) and schedule a site assessment
  3. After your site assessment, fill out the compliance or waiver form

For questions, contact us at ChargingMadeEasy@sfgov.org.

Vehicles powered by clean fuels are increasingly becoming more popular with consumers. Thousands of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) are on the road today in San Francisco. With a growing interest in clean transportation, enhancements and improvements to these vehicles and fuels are in full swing, offering an expanding number of options to consumers. 

The newfound popularity of clean fuels and vehicles is transforming how we approach transportation in San Francisco. SF Environment is engaged in several clean fuel and clean vehicle efforts that aim to create a comprehensive local and regional AFV network. We are also working on greening and reducing the size of the municipal fleet with the help of the San Francisco Clean Cities Coalition (SFCCC), which encourages both the public- and private-sector fleets to use alternative fuels. 

The SFCCC also works to promote idle-reduction measures and inform stakeholders of incentives, new technologies, and other opportunities.

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