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Welcome to the Climate Equity Hub

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Benefits of buying an electric car

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Bay Area seasonal fruit and vegetable guide

Farmers markets in San Francisco

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Tips for Healthy Homes

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Sustainable commuting

A view of San Francisco from Bernal Heights neighborhood there are trees to the right and residential properties to the left.

Nature and biodiversity in SF

The image shows a black frying pan with a speckled pattern, placed on a black stovetop or countertop. The pan has a long, ergonomic handle. The background is a plain white wall, creating a minimalist and clean aesthetic. The scene is simple and uncluttered, focusing solely on the frying pan, which appears to be new and unused. The overall atmosphere is modern and sleek, with a strong emphasis on the contrasting colors of black and white.

All about "forever chemicals" in non-stick pans

Energy for commercial and multifamily properties