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以下美甲店獲三藩市環境局認可為健康美甲店Healthy Nail Salon。查看美甲店窗口上是否有健康美甲店Healthy Nail Salon貼紙標識。

Bayview/Hunters Point
Oliviana Nail Spa, 4343 3rd St Unit A (near Kirkwood Ave), 415.529.1023

Bernal Heights
New York Nail, 3483 Mission St (and Cortland Ave), 415.285.8679

Castro Nail Salon, 431 Castro St (near Market St), 415.252.1657

Cole Valley
Deluxe Lavender Nail Spa, 113 Carl St (near Cole St), 415.566.5333

Cow Hollow
Archer Nail Bar, 2187 Union St (near Baker St), 415.829.2420
Bamboo Spa, 2284 Union St (near Steiner St), 415.567.8812

Boniva Nail Spa, 1929 Lombard St (near Buchanan St), 415.829.2188
Lombard Heights Nail Salon, 3288 Steiner St (near Lombard St), 415.776.9688
Nails 2001, 2213 Union St (near Fillmore St), 415.775.5838

Financial District
Lucky Nails, 17 Drumm St (near California St), 415.981.5321

Glen Park
Mina Spa, 2920 Diamond St (between Bosworth St & Monterey Blvd), 415.333.6920

Hayes Valley
Creative Nail Care, 347 Hayes St. (between Franklin St and Gough St), 415.861.8100
The Muse SF, 476 Grove St (between Octavia St & Gough St), 415.255.9911
LUX SF, 490 Hayes St (near Octavia St), 415.255.4589
Sarah Nails Spa, 191 Franklin St (between Fell St & Hickory St), 415.525.3939

Sol Y Luna Spa, 691 Monterey Blvd (and Tennessee St), 415.469.7323 

Inner Richmond
Luxury Spa, 405 Balboa St. (near 5th St.), 415.702.6350
Polish Nail & Beauty Spa, 301 Cornwall (and 4th St), 415.780.1912
Salon Belle Linda, 4448 California St (and 7th Ave), 415.752.7958
Spectrum Nails Spa, 4438 California St (near 7th St), 415.483.5028
Wellness Nail Care, 405 Arguello Blvd. Suite #100 (near Clement St.), 415.750.0287

Inner Sunset
Nail Arts, 1116 Irving St (and 12th Ave), 415.664.5728
Sensi Luxury Nails & Spa, 338 Judah St (near 9th Ave), 415.665.6245
TT Nail Spa Waxing, 1654 Irving St. (near 18th Ave.), 415.564.5286

Trio Nails, 1832 Buchanan St (and Bush St), 415.931.9261

Laurel Heights
Rendez-Vous Nails, 3247 Sacramento St (near Presidio Ave), 415.474.2205

Lower Haight
Ritual Nail Bar, 340 Divisadero St (near Oak St), 415.347.3133
Silky Touch, 544 Haight St (near Fillmore St), 415.255.8527
Zen Day Spa, 775 Haight St (near Scott St), 415.558.8886

Lower Pacific Heights
Artistic Nail & Spa, 1826 Divisadero St (and Bush St), 415.572.2754
JT Nails, 1848 Fillmore St (between Bush St and Sutter St), 415.563.4373
Velvety Nails And Beauty Spa, 2183 Sutter St (near Pierce St), 415.345.1688

Ciao Bella, 2277 Chestnut St (near Scott St), 415.771.6666

Mission District
It's M3 Time Nail Salon, 3278 21st St Suite A (near Valencia St), 415.824.1887
Sophia's Beauty Lounge, 3420 Cesar Chavez St (near Mission St), 415.285.9777
Spectrum Nail Spa, 28 Guerrero St (at Duboce Ave), 415.431.6245

Nob Hill 
Green Beauty Nails & Spa, 1300 Pacific Ave (near Leavenworth St), 415.370.3662
Kitty's Nails, 1436 California St (near Hyde St), 415.775.1286
Perfection Nails Spa, 1044 Hyde St (near California St), 415.923.9888

Noe Valley
Mani-Pedi Beauty Spa, 4106 24th St (near Castro St), 415.285.1339
Plush Nails Spa, 1791 Church St (near 30th St), 415.821.1704

North Beach
Lilypad Spa, 369 Bay St (between Mason and Powell St), 415.655.3133

North of Panhandle
MAC Nail Spa, 783 Divisidero St (near Fulton St), 415.567.0162
Q Spa, 604 Divisadero St (at Hayes St), 415.885.1272

Outer Richmond
Aquatica Nails, 5707 Geary Blvd (near 21st St), 415.422.0448
Fabulous Nail Spa, 2099 Clement St (and 22nd Ave), 415.240.6962
Glitz N Glam Nail & Lash Spa, 5847 Geary Blvd (near 23rd), 415.702.6485
Richmond Nails Salon, 5856 Geary Blvd (at 23rd Ave), 415.876.3888

Outer Sunset
SF Nail Spa, 1324 Noriega St (between 21st Ave & 20th Ave), 415.564.5581 

Potrero Hill
La Petite Nail Shop, 601 Kansas St (and 18th St), 415.796.2863
Tiptoes Nail Spa, 300 De Haro St #336 (near 16th St), 415.626.8637

Russian Hill
Cascade Nail & Spa, 2139 Polk St (near Vallejo St), 415.345.9188
Lu Lu Beauty Bar, 2356 Van Ness Ave (near Green St), 415.346.1285
Paua Beauty Salon, 1455 Powell St (near Vallejo St), 415.5254766
Top Coat Beauty Studio, 1520 Union St (near Franklin St), 650.303.5355

South of Market
Cocoon Urban Day Spa, 330 1st St (near Folsom St), 415.777.0100
The Nail Hall, 1401 Mission St (near 10th St), 415.500.2243 

Upper Haight
Haight Street Nails, 1784 Haight St (and Shrader St), 415.221.8928

West Portal
Mia's Beauty Spa, 602 Portola Dr (near Woodside Ave), 415.661.4772
West Portal Spa, 124 West Portal Ave (near Vicente St), 415.566.6172
Zen Beauty Spa, 221 W Portal Ave (near 14th Ave), 415.661.6852 




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