Safer Painting Products & Practices

Many common art materials contain toxic chemicals which can lead to health problems - from headaches and nausea to chronic lung damage. Art materials also can be hazardous to the environment and unsafe if not used or disposed of properly. Choose safer art supplies, and find out how to use, store and dispose of them safely.

Safer Products: Choose safer products from manufacturers that list their ingredients.

Safe Disposal: Most commercially-produced art materials cannot be placed in any of the three bins, nor poured down the drain. Find out how to safely dispose of art materials.

Safer Practices: Whether you work in a studio or a room in your house, use safe practices around your art materials. Visit the links below for resources.


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Additional Resources

Safer Art - King County, Washington’s Resource on Safer Art Materials

Art Safety Training Guide - Princeton University

Artist's Complete Guide to Health and Safety by Monona Rossol  -  book published 1994