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Updated regulations for implementing the Safe Drug Disposal Stewardship Ordinance, effective April 10, 2024. Regulation #SFE-24-01-SDDSO replaces the previous regulation, #SFE-16-01-SDDSO.

These regulations apply to any Producer participating in a Stewardship Plan for Unwanted Covered Drugs, as defined in the Safe Drug Disposal Stewardship Ordinance (Environment Code Chapter 22), or the Operator of a Stewardship Plan acting on behalf of a Producer, which has been approved by the Director of the Environment Department.
San Francisco Environment Department provides grant funding to nonprofit organizations to further the City and County of San Francisco’s climate and zero waste goals through robust community engagement.
Regulation No. SFE-19-02-RSO Implementing Refuse Separation Compliance Ordinance (Ord. No. 300-18, codified in San Francisco Environment Code Sections 1902, 1906, 1908, 1909, and 1910)
Resolution Amending the Urban Forestry Council Bylaws, Article VIII.
Regulation No. SFE-23-01-CDO Regulations Governing Enforcement of Chapter 14 (Ordinance No. 144-21)
Regulation No. SFE-22-01-RE Implementing the Use of 100% Renewable Electricity Required for On-site Electricity Demands in Non-Residential Buildings of 50,000 Square Feet or More Ordinance
Resolution commending Oscar Hernandez-Gomez for his service and dedication to the Urban Forestry Council.
Resolution urging the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor to adopt File Number 170985, an Ordinance amending the Public Works Code to implement voter passed Proposition E of 2016.