Beginning in January 2019, all upholstered furniture and certain children’s products sold in San Francisco must be free of flame retardant chemicals.

What Retailers Need to Know About the Ordinance:

  • Upholstered furniture sold in San Francisco will need to have the TB 117-2013 label and SB 1019 language with an X next to “contain NO added flame retardant chemicals.”
  • This ordinance (PDF) applies to:
    1. New upholstered furniture.
    2. Reupholstered furniture that contains new foam.
    3. Certain new children's products such as strollers, nursing pillows, children's nap mats, etc.
  • This ordinance does not apply to used or second-hand furniture.
  • An establishment or other person may submit a petition for a waiver from strict compliance if strict compliance would cause severe hardship or is infeasible.

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