Instead of driving from one meeting to another, City and County of San Francisco employees can conduct work-related business by pedaling around San Francisco, helping reduce vehicle trips and greenhouse gas emissions.

How it Works 

The CityCycle program provides bicycles and related accessories to City and County of San Francisco departments. Employees can use bicycles to attend meetings, perform inspections/audits, conduct neighborhood surveys, travel between different plants/clinics, go on patrol, conduct outreach, manage park maintenance, and other duties. Like the City Hall Vehicle Pool, the CityCycle program is a shared bike fleet that can be reserved by employees as needed. 

View a map with the location and contact information for all CityCycle bikes.

CityCycle Map of Locations

Getting Started

CityCycle bikes are available for employees and paid interns of the City and County of San Francisco to use for business related trips or errands. Unpaid interns and volunteers are prohibited from using CityCycle equipment, unless given authorization from a Department head. 

All users of the CityCycle are encouraged to watch a safe riding video created by the San Francisco Bike Coalition and SF Environment. As our city gets busier and more people use our streets, it’s increasingly important for all road users to understand the rules of the road.

CityCycle Rules of the Road Safety Video

In addition to the knowing and understanding the rules of the road, here are some other tips to get you bicycling safely and easily in San Francisco:

Rules and Regulations

  • Bikes and accessories are shared department resources to be kept at the department and available for use by all CIty employees.

  • City employees only are eligible to participate in this program; unpaid interns and volunteers are prohibited from using CityCycle equipment.

  • Bikes and accessories are available for work-related errands only , not for commuting to and from work or for non-work related trips.

  • Bikes and acecssories are City and County of San Francisco property and must be housed in a secure and designated location in the department (with signs clearly identifying the bikes as part of CityCycle).

  • Departments must designate a CityCycle Coordinator who will be responsible for: Ensuring regular maintenance and repair of all equipment; Completing quarterly usage reports; Distributing annual surveys to all CityCycle participants at their department.

  • Departments must establish a fund to pay for maintenance not covered by the limited maintenance plan as well as lost/stolen/damaged equipment.

  • Participants must complete a Disclaimer of Liability and required training with the Department of the Environment before using CityCycle.

  • Participants are required to follow safe riding practices when using CityCycle, including wearing a helmet at all times and using bike lights when riding at night.

CityCycle Resources

Contact Information

San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment)
City & County of San Francisco
Phone: (415) 355-3700

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