For any questions on enforcement actions, please contact the C&D Debris Recovery team at or 415-355-3799.

Regulations and forms

Enforcement regulations 

San Francisco Environment Department Regulation #SFE-23-01-CDO was adopted on February 15th, 2023. These regulations explain how the requirements found in the Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Ordinance (No. 144-21) will be enforced as they apply to generators and transporters of C&D debris. These regulations do not duplicate the Ordinance. They must be read together with the Ordinance.

Escalated enforcement process

An overview of the enforcement process, applicable to generators and transporters of C&D debris only.

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Inspection report 

A sample Inspection Report used by SFE Inspectors to write Warnings, Documentation Requests, and Notices of Violation.

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Fine schedule

The fine schedule shows the fine amounts which are based on severity of violation, type of transport, and number of previous violations. The fine schedule is based on the yearly permit fees for each vehicle tier and will update with any change in yearly permit fees.

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Citation payment

If a violation is not fixed within the cure period listed on a Notice of Violation (NOV), and no extension has been requested, an administrative penalty will be issued in the form of a fine. Payments are collected by San Francisco Public Works, and can be made online or by mail.


To submit an appeal, please either submit an electronic intake form or submit a paper copy of the form to SFE. A check payable to the City and County of San Francisco for the full fine amount must also be submitted to SFE to complete the appeals application.

To apply for a financial hardship waiver of the advance deposit of the administrative penalty, please contact the San Francisco Environment Department at or 415-355-3799. A hardship waiver application must be filed no later than 30 days from issuance of the citation.

The paper appeals form is available in Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino.


Frequently asked questions


A Documentation Request is a request made by SFE to determine your compliance with Chapter 14 of the Environment Code and can apply even if you hired a subcontractor to haul your C&D debris. SFE must determine if your C&D debris was taken to a Registered Facility by a Permitted Transporter. Documentation is most commonly submitted as a weight ticket from the facility of disposal. A Documentation Request does not necessarily indicate that a violation has taken place but may accompany a Warning or a Notice of Violation.

Under Environment Code Chapter 14, Transporters, Owners, and Contractors are responsible for ensuring that all C&D material is handled in accordance with the law. If you did not correct the NOV, received a citation, and wish to appeal the citation, please follow the steps outlined in the section above.

The cure period is a period of time that SFE has given the recipient of an NOV to correct the identified violation. Most cure periods are 5 business days. If the end of a cure period falls on a City holiday, the cure period will be extended to the next business day. The end date of your cure period will be clearly listed on your inspection report issued by SFE.

To self-verify corrected violation(s) please email pictures or documentation showing that the required action listed on your inspection report has been completed to before end of the cure period as stated on the form. In the email, please include the company name, address, and Inspection ID Number.


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