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Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people – regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or education level – in environmental decision-making. SF Environment is committed to promoting a healthy, safe environment in San Francisco's most vulnerable communities.

Residents in our underserved neighborhoods face multiple barriers to food security, safe and affordable housing, and meaningful employment. Poor residents living close to industrial facilities and freeways are often exposed to more air pollution and environmental stressors than those living in San Francisco’s more affluent neighborhoods. These barriers and burdens will only grow more challenging as the effects of global warming unfold.

While climate change affects everyone, it disproportionately hurts those with the fewest resources. This program is building capacity and resources in the City’s poorer neighborhoods so that every community in our City is a healthy and sustainable place to live and work.


Health Disparities

The EJ program promotes healthy environments in the City’s underserved communities. We seek to address health inequities by ensuring that the places where we live, play, learn and work are safe and healthy and that everyone has access to affordable and healthy food, housing and quality surrounding amenities and services.

Air Quality

How clean and pure the air is can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Depending on wind conditions, amount of traffic, and the distance from sources of pollution. Air quality can be an issue when lower-income communities are disproportionately burdened by air pollution.

Energy and Environmental Justice

The City worked diligently with environmental justice activists and residents to improve our energy infrastructure. Upgrades to transmission lines and adopting renewable energy and energy efficiency measures resulted in the closure of polluting power plants – one in Potrero Hill and another in Hunters Point.

Environmental Justice Grant Program

SF Environment has awarded more than $12 million in grant funds to nonprofit groups to promote a healthier, sustainable environment in the Southeast area of the City.