The San Francisco Climate Action Plan (the Plan) charts a pathway to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and works toward addressing racial and social equity, public health, economic recovery, resilience, and providing safe and affordable housing to all.

About the Plan

Since the release of its first Climate Action Plan in 2004, San Francisco has been leading the way on local climate action, environmental justice, and developing and implementing innovative programs and outreach campaigns to engage with all San Franciscans. 

The intensifying impacts of a changing climate are irrefutable: increasing heat waves, worsening drought, and regional wildfires that blanket the city in smoke are becoming more commonplace. At the same time, racial, social, and economic inequalities have also become more severe and pronounced. Tackling the interwoven and widening climate, equity, and racial justice challenges we face has been the driving force for the development of the 2021 Climate Action Plan. 

The development of this data-driven, people-focused plan brought together City departments, residents, community-based organizations, and businesses to create solutions. The result is a plan that offers a detailed set of strategies and actions to achieve net-zero emissions while addressing racial and social equity, public health, economic recovery, and community resilience.  

2023 Climate Action Plan Update – Water Supply addendum

The San Francisco Climate Action Plan (CAP) now covers seven sectors! The Water Supply addendum was written in collaboration between San Francisco Environment and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. This new sector of the CAP contains three key strategies and fifteen supporting actions that focus on water supply demand management, and water consumption reduction through innovative projects and supply augmentation programs.  

Download the 2023 Water Supply addendum

Engagement and equity

The City conducted a public engagement process to gather community input on the draft goals, strategies, and actions. The feedback provided was addressed and incorporated into the final plan. 

In addition to integrating equity considerations through robust public outreach and engagement, the Plan used a Racial and Social Equity Assessment Tool to improve equity outcomes of climate actions. As actions are implemented, there must be continued engagement with all affected communities to follow through on the Plan's commitment to advancing equity. 

What's next

The 2021 Climate Action Plan is a roadmap for meeting the City's emissions reduction goals. Now that the Plan is released, the City will quickly turn to implementation. This will call for government, businesses, and the community to collaborate on putting ideas into action. The City will also maintain a public-facing reporting dashboard to keep people informed on progress made against performance metrics laid out in the Plan.


Climate change has serious consequences for those in the Bay Area. Protect the health of our communities, our environment, and our city with your actions, they matter! 

Calculate your carbon footprint: There are several online tools to help you calculate your personal carbon emissions. Check out UC Berkeley's CoolClimate Calculator.  

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