SFE staff and volunteers walk up twin peak hills in San Francisco to tend to the natural environment


San Francisco harbors a rich cultural ecology of people and organizations healing local nature through habitat restoration, and educating students and adults about our city's natural history and local biodiversity.

From the Presidio to McLaren Park, every week in San Francisco, local citizens, schools, businesses, and other volunteer groups help steward the City's natural lands by getting involved in habitat restoration and stewardship to preserve and grow our native flora, fauna, and fungi.

Habitat restoration gives us the opportunity to connect with nature "in our own backyard."

Explore and restore your neighborhood and help our local nature by removing invasive plants.


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Volunteer work spans the full seasonal cycle of restoration: seed collecting, propagating seedlings in the nursery, planting indigenous species in restoration sites, weeding invasive plants, or monitoring the results of restoration efforts. Stewards help with rare plant and wildlife monitoring, preventing soil erosion, trail construction and maintenance, and engaging the public.

Successful protection and conservation of our natural ecosystem depends upon management and community stewardship of nearby nature. Locally-based community ecological stewardship is the only way we can sustain biodiversity for the long-term; connecting people and nature where we live is inseparable from restoring our natural environment and creating an ecologically sustainable and equitable society.

Our aquatic natural resources are championed by a number of organizations, including: 


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