Is there an actual warehouse to view City-owned items?

No, there is no physical warehouse. The Virtual Warehouse is a web-based program with an online inventory of items, like Craigslist.

Who can request items from the Virtual Warehouse?

City and County of San Francisco City Departments, schools, and non-profit organizations. 

Can items from the Virtual Warehouse be purchased for personal or home use?

No, items on the Virtual Warehouse are not for sale and cannot be used for personal use. All items acquired from the Virtual Warehouse must be used for the public good.  

What happens after I submit a Virtual Warehouse Turn-In Form?

City Departments must keep their surplus items at their location and keep track of where it is stored.

If the item is reusable, the VW Administrator will post the item(s) on the Available Items List. If there are requests for your item, the VW Administrator will let you know. If the item is broken or in questionable condition, the VW Administrator will give you further instructions on how to recycle or properly dispose of it.

How descriptive do I need to be on the Virtual Warehouse Turn-In Form?

The more details the better! When there is a clear description, it helps the user understand what kind of item best fits their needs. The Turn-In Form requires a description, such as measurements, make, model, color, type of material, etc. 

How long do I need to post my items on the Virtual Warehouse?

Virtual Warehouse policy requires items be posted for a minimum of 30 days. 

Contact the VW Administrator as soon as you know that you will no longer need an item. The more time your items are posted, the more likely the items can be redistributed to another City department or donated to a non-profit organization.

Do I need a Virtual Warehouse Authorized Official signature?

The form requires the name and contact information of the person submitting the items as well as contact information of the supervisor, manager, or Department Head. Please read over the “User Agreement” before submitting any forms. It is the responsibility of the department to responsibly manage unwanted City owned surplus and follow the Surplus Disposal Ordinance. Neglect to do so, may result in termination.  

What do I do with broken City furniture and computer equipment?

Turn it into the Virtual Warehouse. This program accepts working items, as well as broken furniture, items with missing parts, and obsolete computer equipment. Once the VW Administrator receives your form, further instructions will be given to you for proper recycling or disposal methods. Discarding electronic or any hazardous items in the trash is illegal.

What if my City Department does not have a vehicle pool for transportation?

City employees can reserve city vehicles through Fleet Management / Central Shops. Contact (628) 652-5600 or

What if I cannot find an item I need for my department?

Continue to check the available list as it is updated weekly.

If you must buy new items, please explore the SF Approved List for green options.