Buy Green and Reduce Waste

Choosing durable, recyclable, and high recycled content products can dramatically reduce waste volume.  If we consider the entire product life cycle, there is a multiplier effect: For every ton of discarded products, about 71 tons of manufacturing, mining, oil and gas exploration, agricultural, coal combustion,and other discards are produced. By the same token, choosing products made from safer ingredients can reduce health and environmental hazards, and ultimately move entire markets toward safer alternatives.

City Mandates

Under the Precautionary Purchasing Ordinance, City departments are required to buy green commodities. This requirement applies to any kind of purchase, including citywide term contracts as well as departmental "Prop Q" purchases.  The Mayor's Executive Order 08-02 extended this requirement to services as well. The Department of the Environment works with other City departments to prioritize targeted categories of products, and then creates lists of green products and green purchasing specifications.  All are posted to the SF Approved List.

SF Approved Green Product List

The SF Approved List is intended to be a one-stop shop for green purchasing by SF City departments. The List includes vendors, cost issues, and criteria for over 1,000 safer, more environmentally friendly products.  It is intended to help SF City departments comply with City green purchasing mandates, and to help SF businesses gain recognition through the SF Green Business Program.  Access the list here.