The following compilation includes links to online resources and files cited in Environment Code Chapter 7 to help project teams meet Municipal Green Building Requirements.  


Sec 704 (a) Green Building Rating Systems 

  • LEED rating system
  • Other rating systems (partial list)
    • Envision, developed and managed by Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure: for infrastructure projects
    • Sites, developed and managed by The Sustainable Sites Initiative: for landscape and open spaces projects
    • Parksmart, administered by Green Business Certification, Inc.: for parking structure projects 

Sec 704 (b) Energy Optimization 

704 (c) Responsible Production and Consumption 

704 (d) Human and Environmental Health

704 (e) Water Conservation 

705 Waivers 

  • Waiver Request Form: In consultation with SFE Senior Green Building Coordinator, use to document any requirement in Chapter 7 with which the project team cannot comply.