Oak trees in a sunlit park along a trail


Experience and enjoy nature in your neighborhood!

Connecting to nature is important for social, emotional and physical health. San Francisco is located in a global biodiversity hotspot. Our city harbors beautiful parks, natural areas, and an astounding diversity of birds, rare and endangered species, and over 500 native plants. San Francisco Children and Nature promotes equitable access to green space so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of local nature, every day.

Crissy Field
Birds (Herons, Geese, Belted Kingfisher)

Glen Canyon
Glen Park, Diamond Heights
Trails, hawks, wildflowers, creek

Green Hairstreak Corridor
Golden Gate Heights
Butterflies, hawks, songbirds

McLaren Park
Excelsior, Portola
Trails, wildflowers, views

Heron’s Head Park
Birds (California Clapper Rail, Black Oystercatcher)

Land's End
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Birds (Townsend's Warbler, Red-Shouldered Hawk, Bewick's Wren)

Strawberry Hill
Golden Gate Park
Birds, butterflies, turtles, native plants

*Find more natural places in San Francisco with the Nature in the City MAP!


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