Walking, bicycling, taking public transit, or ridesharing just one day a week for a year can save you more than $500 in driving costs. Leaving your car at home does more than help your wallet—it helps the environment, the economy, your community and your health. 

Find options which work for you to get to work, the grocery store, or a special event.

Take Transit | Walk | Bike | Rideshare | Carshare | Telework

Take transit

Get commuter benefits: Save money on your commute by taking transit and participating in your employer's commuter benefits program. Find out your next bus with a real-time transit app on your phone.

Discounts for youth, seniors, low-income residents, people with disabilities or disabling health conditions:

  • Clipper Card discounts (Clipper Card): Clipper offers discount cards for youths and seniors
  • Life Line Muni Pass (SFMTA): 50% discount off standard adult Muni passes price for low income residents.
  • Free Muni Pass (SFMTA): Free Muni passes for seniors, youth, and people with disabilities
  • Paratransit: San Francisco Paratransit is a van and taxi program for people with a disability or disabling health conditions
  • Shop-a-Round Shuttle: Rides to the supermarket and farmers markets for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Van Gogh Shuttle: Free rides to recreational and cultural events for seniors and people with disabilities. For information or to request form, call (415) 351-7052.

Emergency Ride Home - Get reimbursed if you need to take an emergency ride home from work (when you've used a sustainable mode to travel to work).


If you live close to your workplace or to public transportation, consider walking instead. It costs nothing, creates no pollution, and requires no fuel. It’s an excellent way to exercise and connect with your community. 


Biking is an effective, fun, and healthy way to commute. 

BikeShare (SFMTA)

San Francisco Bike Map

Find bike routes to and from work (interactive map with bike routes)
SF Bike Network Map (SFMTA):  SF Bike Network Map displays information on the City's bike lanes, routes and paths.
The Official San Francisco Bike Guide (SFMTA, PDF): A comprehensive guide to cycling in San Francisco.

Bikes on Transit

Bikes on BART (BART)
Bikes on Muni (SFMTA)
Bikes on transit (511)

Bike Benefits and Parking

Does your workplace have bike parking? - Requirements related to bicycle parking
Tenant Bicycle Parking in Existing Commercial Buildings Ordinance

Bike safety 
How to lock your bike (San Francisco Bicycle Coalition)
Urban bicycling workshops  (San Francisco Bicycle Coalition)
Bicycle Rules of the Road (San Francisco Bicycle Coalition)
Bus Racks: Instructions on how to put your bike on the bus are on the rack

Bike repair
The Bike Kitchen: The Bike Kitchen teaches people of all ages and backgrounds how to repair bicycles
Sports Basement: Sports Basement offers a variety of ongoing free and low-cost bike maintenance classes at each store


Sharing your ride with just one other person reduces your commuting expenses by almost half, potentially saving you thousands of dollars each year. Find out more about the perks of carpooling/vanpooling to work.

Carpooling: A fast, convenient, and less-expensive way to get to work
Vanpooling: Convenient and economical, especially if you work far from home. Traditionally, vanpools have 7-15 passengers, including the driver. The vehicle may be owned or leased.


Getaround (peer to peer car share) 
Scoot Networks (scooter share) 
Zipcar (car share) 


Work from home or a remote location one or more days per week.
Telework Toolkit: free resources to start a telework program at your organization

All Transportation

511 SF Bay: Your one-stop source for traffic, transit, rideshare and bicycling information

Related Resources

San Francisco City Guides: Free walking tours of the city
Walk SF: San Francisco's pedestrian advocacy organization, makes walking safer and better for healthier and more livable communities
Walking for Health and Happiness: Walking is one of the best -- and simplest -- things you can do for yourself! Use this guide to making walking a regular part of your life

Business Commute Programs

Additional Information

San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment)
City & County of San Francisco
Phone: (415) 355-3700
Email: CommuteSmart@sfgov.org

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