[San Francisco Carbon Fund Grant Awards]

Resolution approving Department of the Environment Funding Recommendations for San Francisco Carbon Fund grant awards to five organizations.

WHEREAS, since July 2009, the City and County of San Francisco has levied an innovative carbon fee on municipal air travel; and,

WHEREAS, Ordinance 172-09 instructs the Department of the Environment to administer the revenue generated through this fee and invest in local projects that mitigate and sequester carbon emissions; and,

WHEREAS, the Department of the Environment administers these funds through the San Francisco Carbon Fund; and,

WHEREAS, San Francisco Carbon Fund projects not only mitigate and sequester carbon, they improve San Francisco’s natural infrastructure and enhance the quality of the living environment; and,

WHEREAS, these projects have a range of other co-benefits including youth and workforce development, providing healthy food and creating safe and green community gathering spaces; and,

WHEREAS, after a competitive process the San Francisco Carbon Fund has selected five community-based greening projects in which to invest; now therefore, be it

RESOLVED, the Commission approves the award of San Francisco Carbon Fund project grants, totaling $150,000 to be disbursed during CY 2018-2020 in the following way:
Organization                                                                                     Amount         
Citizen Film                                                                                                   $25,000
Friends of the Urban Forest                                                                       $55,000
Literacy for Environmental Justice                                                           $20,000
Nature in the City                                                                                         $30,000         
Thompkins Stairs (fiscal: Bernal Neighborhood Center)                       $20,000                                  I hereby certify that this Resolution was adopted at the Commission on the Environment meeting on January 23, 2018.

Anthony Valdez, Commission Secretary

Vote:               5-0 Approved

Ayes:              Commissioners Ahn, Bermejo, Hoyos, Stephenson and Wald.

Noes:              None.

Absent:          Commissioners Wan.