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Endorse Landmark Tree Designation behind 757 Pennsylvania St.

Board of Supervisors resolution

Resolution supporting Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Programs

Board of Supervisors resolution

Save the Quail

Commission on the Environment
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A Garden in Every School

Commission on the Environment

Labeling of Inerts in Pesticide Products

Commission on the Environment
The San Francisco Commission on the Environment passed this resolution in 2001 urging the US EPA to require disclosure of all so-called "inert" pesticide ingredients.

Landmark Tree Removal Criteria and Procedure

Urban Forestry Council

Adopting a Revised Reduced-Risk Pesticides List for 2008

Commission on the Environment

Adopting Department Impound Account and General Grant Guidelines

Commission on the Environment

San Francisco Health Code Article 1: Animals. Sec. 27: Stable permits

Environment code
San Francisco Health Code describing regulations for the keeping of goats and other hoofed animals.