Dell, Goodwill Launch Bay Area Computer Recycling Service

(July 27, 2005)

San Francisco, CA – Goodwill Industries of San Francisco and Dell have partnered on a comprehensive computer recovery, reuse, and environmentally responsible recycling program in northern California. The new San Francisco Bay Area Computer Recycling Project offers drop-off recycling and reuse options for unwanted computers at no charge to area residents.

The public-private partnership utilizes the donations infrastructure of a nonprofit, the outreach infrastructure of local governments and the experience and recycling resources of a technology company to offer a proactive, community-based solution to environmentally responsible computer disposal. The goal of this partnership is to divert at least one million pounds of used computers and computer equipment from landfills over one year and to provide education on the importance of proper computer disposal.

Residents of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin counties can call toll-free, 1-888-4-GOODWILL or 1-866-48 REUSE (73873), or visit the program Web site, to learn about drop-off options for their unwanted computers and computer equipment at any of 14 participating Goodwill locations.

"San Franciscans are both technology-savvy and environmentally-conscious, so this public-private program makes great sense," said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. "This effort will help create shared solutions to the problems of e-waste and make our community a safer, healthier place to live. As a City, we are proud to support this partnership between Goodwill and Dell."

Goodwill Industries of Central Texas partnered with Dell and the City of Austin, Texas, nine months ago to launch a similar pilot. Its success prompted Dell and Goodwill to implement a version of the program in the San Francisco Bay area.

Goodwill Industries of San Francisco will accept donated, residential computer equipment. The unwanted computers will be collected by Goodwill. Materials with remaining value will be separated and enter Dell's Asset Recovery Services value-recovery processes. Proceeds from equipment recovery will be returned to Goodwill Industries of San Francisco for re-investment in a variety of job-creation and community programs. Materials without resale value will be recycled. Responsible recycling will be handled by Electronic Partners Corporation (ePC) under Dell guidelines. ePC is a part of Chasm Industries, a firm that specializes in electronic asset management and recycling services.

Residents are responsible for removing their data from hard drives and other storage media before collection.

The project team surveyed San Francisco Bay Area consumers to test awareness and preferences for computer disposal. Survey results show preferred methods for disposal are donation to charity (71% of respondents) and permanent drop-off locations (68%). This project will offer area consumers the convenience of drop-off and the ability to support a local charity with used computers.

"This is an exciting opportunity for Goodwill to partner with Dell and public entities such as San Francisco and San Mateo Counties," said Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez, CEO and president of Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties. "We are thrilled to launch this innovative business that will drastically reduce the amount of waste going to landfill while generating new jobs and contributing to a sustainable environment."

The pilot program is the latest in a series of Dell environmental initiatives to increase recycling participation rates and consumer awareness of the need to responsibly recycle computers.


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