It's Good To Recycle Your Junk Mail. It's Even Better To Stop Getting It

(December 16, 2004)

Bay Area Counties Launch Junk Mail Reduction Campaign

In an effort to save some of the more than 100 million trees cut down nationwide every year to produce the 100 billion pieces of junk mail sent out to American households, 110 Bay Area cities and counties have joined forces to sponsor a Junk Mail Reduction Campaign.

The campaign will start in January 2005 and focuses on easy ways Bay Area residents can substantially reduce junk mail at home and at work. The campaign will distribute a Stop Junk Mail kit. The kit will help consumers reduce commercial access to companies who address information so that they won't be traded, rented or sold to companies who send unwanted mail. This kit also provides addresses and phone numbers of organizations set up to protect consumer privacy and. provides other important information on how to reduce junk mail, including contacting service providers such as banks, insurance or wireless companies and asking them to stop sending you promotional mail.

Americans collectively pay $370,000,000 a year to dispose the junk mail that doesn't get recycled. To learn more about reducing the amount of junk mail you receive visit the Bay Area Junk Mail Reduction Campaign website at, or call the Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition Hotline, toll-free, at 877-STOPWASTE (786-7927).


Gloria Chan, 415-355-3733