New Web-based Tool Helps San Francisco City Architects Go Green

(November 9, 2005)

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San Francisco requires all municipal construction and renovation projects to meet high standards of environmental performance–and to assist with this demand, the city has introduced a special web-based project management tool called SFGreenPRINT. Short for San Francisco Green Building Project and Reporting Information Tool, SFGreenPRINT, helps monitor and evaluate construction projects throughout the design and construction process. SFGreenPRINT is a joint project of Region 9 Environmental Protection Agency and San Francisco's Department of the Environment. It is available at

San Francisco has several green building projects in the works, which are set to meet standards developed by the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. SFGreenPrint will help track green building elements, along with other code requirements. It can monitor dozens of projects at a time, through various stages of construction. It also provides automatic calculations demonstrating the financial and environmental benefits of each project.

"San Francisco has high environmental expectations, especially in the area of green building" explains Mayor Gavin Newsom. "If we are going to achieve our goals, we need to provide our engineers and architects with the infrastructure and support to make sure the job gets done right."

"SFGreenPRINT will accelerate green building design and construction by documenting the economic savings and environmental benefits of green buildings. San Francisco's leadership will help other agencies and jurisdictions expand their green building programs," said Wayne Nastri, administrator for the EPA's Pacific Southwest region.

SFGreenPrint will assist in a number of ways:

Identifies projects using a Project Profile: sponsoring department, building use, building type, LEED goal, location, size, budget, schedule, design team contacts. Monitors progress of the LEED checklist throughout design and construction showing credits added and dropped.


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