SF Teams with City Carshare to Reduce Fleet

(July 12, 2010)

New Partnership to Provide City Employees with City CarShare Vehicles for Official Use

Mayor Gavin Newsom today announced that in a continuing effort to lower city costs and carbon emissions, the City has partnered with the nonprofit car sharing organization City CarShare, to provide city employees with vehicles for official use. City staff will be encouraged to use City CarShare for short trips when teleconferencing, walking, bicycling, or public transportation is not viable.

The City entered into the agreement with City CarShare to maintain a smaller vehicle fleet and reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase new vehicles. The City's fleet, excluding emergency response vehicles and equipment, has been reduced by nearly 17 percent in the last five years.

"This new partnership is part of our ongoing effort to reduce the size of the city fleet, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions," said Mayor Newsom.

City CarShare, a nonprofit that launched car sharing in San Francisco in 2001, currently has 250 vehicles located in more than 130 "Pods" (locations) throughout San Francisco and 180 locations throughout the Bay Area. Over one third of its fleet is comprised of hybrids. All fleet vehicles are rated at the top of their class for fuel and emissions efficiency. City CarShare plans to add more Pods in areas where City usage may be more frequent. City departments will individually sign up for the program and vehicles will be made available to staff for official city business.

"The City of San Francisco was a major supporter of car sharing when we launched in 2001," said City CarShare CEO Rick Hutchinson. "This new agreement deepens our partnership by providing the city with a solution for cutting costs in a manner that also lowers its carbon footprint."

The City Administrator's Office, which is leading the project, anticipates significant cost savings through the elimination of under-utilized vehicles, and reductions in insurance payments and maintenance costs. By utilizing City CarShare's fleet, the City can avoid buying vehicles and can more easily eliminate under-used cars.

"This agreement allows us to maintain a reduced vehicle fleet with no impact to the services we are providing to taxpayers," said City Administrator Ed Lee.