Zero Waste Coordinators play an important role in our City Government's efforts to achieve zero waste. They have a variety of responsibilities which ensure their department's employees are practicing the best zero waste behavior including: 

  • Partnering with SF Environment

    • Set up recycling and composting bins in strategic locations, provided by SF Environment, for successful participation
    • Request free color-coded stickers and signs to post on and above bins
    • Email SF Environment to request a zero waste presentation for your office
  • Improving and monitoring zero waste programs

    • Audit bins and identify locations where there is significant contamination
    • Make sure recycling, composting and trash bins are next to each other
    • Notify colleagues of new programs
    • Remind colleagues to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost
    • Email SF Environment to set up a site visit, get support or gain inspiration to improve programs
  • Attending annual workshop 

    • Workshops are held once per year in January or February and are an important way for Coordinators to get updates on programs and learn new skills
    • Coordinators have the opportunity to meet fellow Coordinators to share challenges and solutions
  • Submitting an annual survey

    • The annual zero waste survey is simple to complete and helps SF Environment get the most up-to-date information on departmental zero waste programs

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